1. You drive a better car

There is an electric car for every kind of driver. Every car manufacturer has at least one electric vehicle, with ever increasing autonomy and power. The thrust of an electric car will hook you, if you haven’t tried it, what are you waiting for!

2. You spend less

Electric cars need less maintenance and you don’t have to go to the gas station and spend your hard earned money all the time. With an electric car you spend about 1 euro per every 100 kms. So, do the math and you’ll see you’ll save quite a bit with going electric.


3. You charge where you park

Charge at home, at work, at a mall or outside the city if you go on a trip. You have plenty of charging points distributed around your country, and their number is increasing.

4. Make the difference

Electric vehicles are silent, they don’t vibrate and, best of all, they don’t contaminate. Your electric car, over its lifetime, will save the planet about 45 tons of carbon dioxide.


5. Park anywhere

Your electric vehicle may allow you to park for free in restricted zones, and to drive through the bike lane in many cities; you might not even pay toll in some freeways.


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